Jefferson Packer

Tour Manager, North America

Jefferson is a Tour Manager in the San Francisco office, and a lifelong singer and pianist. He began touring internationally as a performer while a student at Harvard, where he received a degree in Music and Romance Languages and Literatures, before going on to pursue a master’s degree in Piano Performance at San Francisco State University. Jefferson has lived in Greece and Italy, and toured Germany and the Czech Republic as Manager of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra. He is particularly fond of Latin America for his own travels, but there’s nowhere in the world that he wouldn’t like to see, or see again!

“For me, music has always been one of the most meaningful ways in which to connect with others. When I first traveled to other countries as a musician, I realized that this connection was even more powerful a tool than I previously realized in bringing the best of myself to the world, and inviting the world to share its best with me.”